Lisa Synowicki

Lisa Synowicki



Is there some place you’d like to visit?

I’d love to take a trip to Poland with my family. My husband is 100% Polish!

Been on any adventures?

My biggest adventure would be skydiving in San Diego. I’m terrified of rollercoasters but have no problem jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

Where’d you grow up?

Born and raised in Omaha, NE!

What sports teams are you cheering for?

The Synowicki’s are die hard Husker fans! I also married into the Chicago Bears and New York Mets.

In one sentence, describe how you apply your personal purpose in life through your role for Peak and in working with those you serve.

My purpose is to provide the support, tools, and resources necessary for our team deliver nothing short of first class experiences and services to advisors while helping them find their passion, aid in achieving their goals and taking their business to the next level.