Laura Pierson

Laura Pierson, Leadership

Laura is the Managing Director of Carson Group Coaching and joined the firm in 2006. She leads the organization in all aspects of the business including top-line and bottom-line growth, day-to-day execution of strategic goals, and overall operations of several departments including marketing, events, executive business coaches, and client service. Her primary responsibility on a macro level is to ensure the direction of the company aligns with the mission of helping advisors find their purpose and realize their individual meaning for growth and success, both personally and professionally.

Laura has been a driving force in the financial services world for 15 years, both on the advisor and institutional realms of the profession. She has over a decade of executive leadership experience and speaks to audiences of advisors and business owners about topics related to creating and sustaining employee engagement, driving new business growth, and operational efficiency.

Laura graduated Summa Cum Laude from Drake University. Prior to joining Carson Group Coaching, she led the institutional retirement plans division for a major insurance and financial services company. Laura and her husband, Nick, have two beautiful little boys. In their pre-child life, you could find them globe-trotting to locations such as Costa Rica, Iceland, Italy, and other locations throughout Europe and the U.S. They hope to resume some of these travels in a couple decades when homework and paying for college aren’t their primary focus.

Get to Know Laura

Favorite Quote – “When a person tells you that you hurt them, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t.”

Adventures I’ve been on – Hmmm, by my standards, yes:  Helicoptering over Maui, hot air ballooning over Southern California, and venturing to Iceland in January.  Oh, and any car trip over 30 minutes that I’ve taken alone with my children.

Hobbies – LOVE to read–books, magazines, online articles, you name it.

Favorite sports teams – Um, does my son’s kindergarten basketball team count?

Inspiration – Seeing leaders who achieve strong business results and success without running their teams into the ground.

Purpose – My goal is always to be a balanced leader who achieves business success while still maintaining a culture of caring support mixed with a little fun.  At Carson Group Coaching, I’m lucky to (hopefully) do that every day with our amazing internal team and advisor clients who are a beyond-believe driven and compassionate group.