Abby Pivovar

Abby Pivovar, Marketing & Events

Get to Know Abby

Favorite Food – Food – If I ever find myself in a situation that allows me to choose my final meal (which I surely hope I don’t), it would consist of a buffet of potatoes – French fries, hash browns, tater tots, the works. I cannot fail to mention that this would also have to include Heinz ketchup.

Favorite Book – It’s hard for me to pick just one! I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the Harry Potter series, since it ignited my love for reading, which has grown and evolved over the years. However, as I am older now, I tend to enjoy mystery or suspense novels and have recently been working nonfiction into my literary repertoire.

Hobbies – enjoying time with friends and family, and eating delicious food (that I wish I could say I cooked). I also enjoy volunteering and hope to put more of these opportunities on my calendar in 2016. Currently I am active with Top Soccer, which is a spring and fall soccer program for intellectually and developmentally delayed children and teens, and I also am on a gala planning committee for Ollie Webb, an organization that serves individuals with special needs.

Hidden Talents – From the ages of 5 to 23, I was a competitive baton twirler. The image that often comes to mind when people think about baton twirling is that of a majorette leading a band through a parade. I assure you, baton twirling is much more than that! While I have marched in many parades and twirled on a football field, the vast majority of my “career” was spent in studios and gyms, mastering complicated tricks and sequences which would be performed in front of judges at local and national competitions. However, I think what impresses people most when I speak of baton twirling is that I have twirled fire.

My Passion – My passion is rooted in kindness. I truly strive to use my actions and words to show compassion for others each and every day. There are times when I certainly fail in this task, but it is my hope that at the end of my days my legacy will be one of altruism.

Purpose – My purpose is to help advisors tell their story by discovering their passions and capturing their unique motivation for serving their clients.