Nick Callesen

Nick Callesen

Callesen Wealth Management | Manistee, Michigan | Member Since 2010


The Challenge:

When Nick Callesen was blessed with the opportunity to take over his parents’ business, he not only acquired their clients, he also acquired their integrity and purpose. Like them, he desired to develop deep relationships with those he served while also maintaining a family-like atmosphere around the office. The way to ensure he achieved both of these goals, he believed, was by finding the right team to walk alongside him as his business grew. After joining Peak Advisor Alliance in 2010, Nick began to implement Peak’s methodology and resources, leading to more referrals and increasing his assets under management. Knowing his new clients would require a strong partnership to realize their financial objectives, Nick looked to Peak’s best practices and coaching to help him expand his team and reinforce his culture.

The Coaching:

Nick and his coach, Greg, first discussed both his current and future organization charts. Following this discussion, they developed effective job descriptions for every position, determining the skills needed for each team member to be successful. The clarity Nick gained from this exercise allowed him to build a team of ‘rock stars’ who both fulfilled their job duties and were a wonderful cultural fit. This buy-in from his team and support from his coach was most evident as he looked to hire for a new position, Associate Wealth Advisor. During this and subsequent hires, Nick and Greg worked through the selection process and closely examined the list of candidates. They also implemented tools to aid with motivation, morale, supervision, and even results-based compensation. Once he brought on these new employees, Nick used the DISC and Gallup StrengthsFinder assessments suggested by Greg to better understand the unique skills of his entire team and capitalize on these talents. Although he was initially nervous to hire, Greg’s coaching enabled Nick to construct a plan that built his organization structure, giving him the capacity to grow the firm.

The Solution:

Since Nick hired an AWA in mid-2012, his practice has once again experienced significant growth. In fact, they have seen an amazing 63% increase. Greg’s guidance allowed Nick to become a better mentor for his AWA, Ryan, as well as a better leader for his business. The investment Nick made in recognizing and appreciating his team’s individual and collective strengths has also led to an office that embodies buy-in and exudes cultural alignment. With a strong team behind him each step of the way, Nick is confident about the lasting legacy of his family business and his own ability to achieve a balanced life.

Nick’s Raving Review:

“Greg has been instrumental in both the growth of my firm and the growth of my confidence as CEO. Without PEAK Advisor Alliance and, specifically, Greg, I would not be in the position I am in right now. I give them full credit for most of the cutting-edge ideas and philosophies we have adopted.  All I did was implement.”