Mark Petersen

Through the holistic wealth planning process, our high-net worth clients, especially those undergoing business, work, life and/or generational transitions, benefit by having an experienced team of qualified professionals recommend and implement solutions to enhance financial and quality of life decisions. We guide clients in achieving their life goals by holding them accountable, and clients holding us accountable, to proactively anticipate the results of global and individual events. Our goal is to minimize the negative and amplify the positive impact of anticipated and unanticipated events by recognizing the likely next step in a progression and the ultimate outcome of alternative scenarios.

Mark Petersen, CPA, CFP®, Vice President, Affluent Wealth Planning has a business career spanning 30 years including Certified Public Accounting work, corporate treasury work and investment advisory work and more recently, as a Certified Financial Planner practitioner. Mark graduated in 1982 from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a BSBA degree majoring in Accounting and began his professional work in Public Accounting. He spent 13 years in Houston, Texas where he worked in the Treasury department of Compaq Computer Corporation. Upon leaving Compaq, Mark incorporated his Registered Investment Advisor firm in 1992, which he moved to his hometown, Omaha, Nebraska. In 2005, Mark and his clients joined Carson Wealth Management Group.

Mark and his wife, Jan, recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. They raise a family of Budgies and a Meyer’s parrot. Mark plays golf and tinkers with home improvement projects.