Kay Hunter

Kay Hunter is a strategic image consultant who understands how personal image impacts personal and professional success. Shaped by a foundation in corporate human resources and a passion to inspire people’s potential, Kay now shares her skills as the owner of Kay Hunter Image, where she drives positive change as a corporate consultant, motivational speaker, and transformation artist. Kay coaches individuals to find their ideal social image, both in decorum and appearance, and works with professionals to create a purposeful presence that maximizes their potential.

Kay has a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Psychology from California State University, Northridge and had built an early career in human resources.  As a senior executive, she witnessed first-hand the impact that personal image has on professional growth.  Today, her experience has provided her a unique understanding of how perception influences professional success, and ultimately, the success of the company.  Kay now guides business people at all levels, from executives to interns, to define their Professional Presence and find the additional confidence and insight they need to achieve greater success.

In the community, Kay also shares her passion for developing people’s potential. An avid motivational speaker, Kay has been described as a “miracle worker,” “engaging” and “polished,” who “makes transformations intriguing and easy.” She brought these skills to her role as a success coach with the non-profit organization Working Wardrobes, where her work was featured in a television documentary. Her expertise has been recognized in several local and national publications, as well as in the Critical Mass radio program. She has also contributed numerous articles to the Business Section of the Orange County Register. Through her involvement with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Orange County, a non-profit organization supporting at-risk youth, Kay has positively impacted the lives of four foster children.

By harnessing the power of perception to build success, Kay Hunter is not only transforming images, she is transforming lives. She is leading others to present the image that maximizes their potential—embracing change to create a strategic presence.