Justin Connors

Justin Connors

Connors Wealth Management


The Challenge:

Justin Connors founded his independent practice in 2007 with a vision to add value to the lives of his clients. He recognized his value must go beyond the financial realm, giving each client an individualized experience that would serve as the foundation to a trusted partnership. In short, he wanted every person who walked in the door to feel like family. By the time he joined Peak Advisor Alliance in 2010, Justin’s business was slowly growing, but he was looking for additional ways to attract prospects and preserve the relationships he formed. He needed the tools, a sounding board for good thinking, and the strategic guidance to create an outstanding experience that would produce lifelong clients.

The Coaching:

Soon after meeting Greg, his coach, Justin was introduced to several of Peak’s proven resources for enhancing client experience. Greg assisted him in implementing many aspects of Love Affair Marketing, including birthday calls and random acts of kindness. Encouraged, Justin also began to schedule meals with clients and even set up an advisory council that would help him improve his business. Additionally, Justin and his team started hosting appreciation and passion prospecting events that ranged from wine tastings and holiday get-togethers to painting parties and fireside chats featuring a Holocaust survivor. The variety of these events ensured there was something of interest to each of his clients, increasing the opportunities for him to make meaningful connections. Connections previously missing from his client relationships before.

The Solution:

Since Justin joined Peak six years ago, he has grown his firm from $380,000 to just over $1M in annual revenue. Much of his success can be attributed to the high touch, genuinely personal atmosphere at Connors Wealth Management. Using Peak’s exercises and best practices, his team is able to go above and beyond to provide clients with a memorable experience, inspiring those same clients to continue to invest in the firm and to refer their friends and family members. As a result, the value has he added to his clients’ lives has in turn added exponential value to his practice.

Josh’s Raving Review:

“Peak helped me discover what I wanted my business to look like through their Blueprinting process, and my coach helped me build a plan to turn my business into an organization. My team went from 3 to 10 stakeholders, and our revenue went from $300k to $1.3 million. I have also surrounded myself with top advisors in the country within the Peak community. There is no better program to pursue your maximum potential. Thanks Peak!”