Josh Nelson

Josh Nelson

Keystone Financial Services | Loveland, Colorado | Member Since 2011


The Challenge:

In 2010, Josh Nelson took a leap of faith and founded an independent firm in northern Colorado. The decision to transition from a credit union and start his own business paid off, so by the time he joined Peak Advisor Alliance in 2011 his practice was growing at a healthy pace. Wanting to guarantee he could give his clients the attention they deserved while also continuing to take on new accounts, Josh knew he needed to implement a transferable and repeatable service model. He also recognized the necessity to enhance the profile of his brand through digital avenues and incorporate a systematized approach to marketing. It was then he turned to Peak’s proven practices to increase efficiency and sought Peak’s digital marketing services to ensure his burgeoning business stood out from the competition.

The Coaching:

Josh and his coach set out to create a systems manual which would answer any question that arose, freeing up valuable time for him to work “on” the business, rather than “in” the business. Peak’s dozens of resources on creating effective operations made this complex process much less complicated, allowing Josh to delegate this responsibility. His team lead, Renee, was then tasked with designing and subsequently applying these new procedures within the office. Over the next couple of years, she worked diligently update their systems, make useful checklists, and build workflows in their CRM. Similarly, Josh and Renee also collaborated on their branding project, relying on Peak’s marketing team to help them revamp their digital presence, including a redesign of their website which incorporated new infographics to illustrate the firm’s value and interactive forms to drive action.

The Solution:

Adhering to the systems they created has been tremendously helpful for the entire team at Keystone Financial Services. Not only has systemization made onboarding and training new team members easier, it has also allowed the staff to take time off without coming back to mountains of unfinished work on their desk. With the appropriate procedures in place, they have enjoyed reduced hours despite adding clients and even traveled to Excell Conferences as a team. In addition, his marketing efforts have made his website the poster child for how advisors can leverage their digital presence to engage with ideal clients, provide relevant and timely content, use interactive media to articulate their story, and coordinate it all to push their brand forward in an authentic way. These combined benefits have made Josh a believer in Peak’s coaching program, in the perspective and guidance his coach can give in times of evolution, and in the team of creative experts he relied on for enhancing his digital presence. As for his ROI, Keystone Financial Services grew from $565,000 in 2011 to $1,500,000 in 2015, the definition of purposeful growth.

Josh’s Raving Review:

“Being a member of Peak Advisor Alliance has put me in proximity with hundreds of advisors committed to constantly raising the bar to add value to their firm, their team, and their clients. The tools and coaching that my team and I receive allow us to build and update our systems more effectively, saving us an enormous amount of time and money.”