John Kozuch

John Kozuch

Financial Services | Wheaton, IL | Member Since 2013


The Challenge:

John Kozuch has been in the financial industry for over 20 years and a Peak Advisor Alliance member since 2013. Specializing in wealth and retirement planning services, he came to Peak looking to grow his client base so he could serve more people in the Chicago area. While he did prospect, his earlier attempts produced minimal referrals, hot prospects, or new clients.

The Coaching:

After the first eight months in our program, John’s coach, Holly, finally convinced him to step out of his comfort zone and implement a more disciplined approach to attracting the ideal client. Leveraging one of Peak’s foundational lessons, Replicate Your Best Clients – The A+ Action Plan, Holly worked with John on conversational scripts used by some of the country’s elite advisors to effectively position his value when asking a current client who they know who may also be a good fit for the firm. After working through just a few, John found he greatly enjoyed meeting with his top clients because of his newly found confidence in his message. Not only did he begin to schedule meals with his A+ clients each month, he also changed the way he held client events. John fully embraced passion prospecting by inviting his best clients and their close friends to attend baseball, basketball, and football tailgate parties and games, allowing him to meet a larger number of potential A+ clients.

The Solution:

By moving through Peak’s lessons, hosting passion prospecting events, and meeting with his favorite clients, John was able to sow the seeds for more qualified referrals. Within six months, he converted many of these referrals to new clients, allowing him to not only increase his assets under management but also enjoy his business again. He finally understood how growing his business while getting to know his current and potential clients through their shared passions was the most rewarding byproduct of the entire endeavor.

John’s Raving Review:

“I’ve been a member with Peak for just over two years. I joined because I wanted to grow my business, become more efficient, and systemize my practice. Peak has a solid system in place to help you with your business. Their resources are phenomenal. 

One thing I did not see coming was the personal gains I received. The Blueprinting process I went through was incredible. I can’t stress this enough – I was totally impressed with all the business goals they helped me meet, but I was totally AMAZED at the personal goals I attained. I made an effort to get the most I could from their program and by following the plan laid out for me by the best coach – Holly!

 Undecided? Can’t afford it? Not sure it will help? Don’t have the time? STOP!!! Call me at 708-707-2882. I’ll tell you their program is the single best investment I ever made – a life changer!”