Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Around Peak Advisor Alliance headquarters, it’s not uncommon to hear the familiar jingle of a few of our four-legged stakeholders. Founder Ron Carson’s loyal lab, Nelly, and energetic Yorkies, Bailey and Rory, are known to make their rounds, stopping by each desk for some well-deserved attention and the occasional treat. Once a year, however, all of the dog-lovers on our team are invited to bring their faithful companions to the office on Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

Started in 2010, Bring Your Dog to Work Day is an annual event complete with a special lunch and a dog talent/fashion contest. Team members donate $5 to wear casual clothes, with all proceeds given to the Nebraska Humane Society. In addition, a representative from the humane society delivers a presentation highlighting a dog who is in need of a home. In 2015, executive business coach Tim Petersen was so inspired by this presentation that his family adopted the featured boxer that very night! Tim’s new addition, Bella, will now join 35 of her canine friends for this yearly tradition.