Billy Williams

Billy Williams

Williams Financial Group | Mobile, Alabama | Member Since 2013


The Challenge:

Billy Williams began his practice in 2001 with a mission to provide his clients the very best financial advice available and a client experience that was second to none. By the time he joined Peak Advisor Alliance in 2013, however, he was drowning in clients and struggling to meet his own standard of service. Having already tried a few other coaching programs, Billy was eager to see what Peak could do for him. What he desired most was to give his clients the attention they deserved while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

The Coaching:

Carly, Billy’s coach, immediately set out to discover Billy’s vision for the future. It soon became apparent that to achieve his goals, he would have to cut some of his 700+ clients. Together, they used Peak’s Segment Your Client tool to evaluate his book, categorize clients into groups, and determine where he could begin. After six months, Carly inspired Billy to let go of his “what ifs” and work to transition his bottom 300 clients. These accounts, which weighed heavily on Billy’s time and energy, prevented him from giving his A+ clients an A+ experience.

The Solution:

It didn’t take long for Billy to feel the effects of this transition. His new-found free time presented opportunities to offer additional client touches, resulting in more qualified referrals than ever and a 20% growth in revenue within a year. But, the journey wasn’t over. Carly encouraged Billy to be selective about these new clients, causing his workload to decrease while his assets under management increased. Today, Billy is happier than ever, and, coincidentally, his clients are too.

Billy’s Raving Review:

“I am so much happier with my business because of Peak. The program pushed me to take action on the tasks I had been putting off for way too long, allowing me to rediscover my focus. With Carly’s coaching, I was given the confidence to take the next steps towards future success.”